Parallax Strategic Advisors is a private, comprehensive, business, asset, and lifestyle coaching and advisory service for established entrepreneurs, investors and high-net-worth individuals. 

I hired Alastair as my mentor and coach because…well…I just wanted my life to look like his!
I mean, think about it; adventure, excitement, business success, martial arts, family, friends, travel….come on!

I’m one year in and I can tell you; it’s working!
My business, my mental well-being, my relationships and my fitness have never been stronger.


Dana V.

Honestly, I had a hard time understanding what an ex-safari guide/wall street guy/market analyst/economic forecaster could do for me in my business (healthcare).

I was skeptical, but a successful friend (that I respect highly) had worked with him and convinced me to do the same.

Alastair has probably the sharpest mind in business, human behavior and economic cycles of anyone I have ever met. His work completely changed the way I view and now approach my personal and professional life.

I recommend his advisory and consulting work to any serious investor and entrepreneur looking to level-up, without reservation. Jerry Z. (MD)

What has Alastair done for me?
Imagine your best CFO, mixed with the smartest economist, add in the worlds best therapist, plus a market clairvoyant and a heavy dose of general bad-assery!
Mix that up, throw in a twist of adventure (and a call to bigger things in your own life) and BOOM; you’ve got who this guy is and what he does.
It’s that simple and it’s that profound. Mark J.

Alastair combines a very rare collection of skill sets; personal/employee management skills, asset management and allocation, high-level thinking and problem solving and exciting strategic work.

On top of that he is a whirlwind of enthusiasm, stories and perspective shifting ideas and viewpoints.

This is no ordinary “consultant” who camps out in your business for months on end, bothering employees and regurgitating business books he recently read. He is for those seeking a completely different perspective on everything from love, to money to adventure and how to make the three one by using your own business, resources and personal experience.

I know…this sounds like a lot – it is. He is a lot. M. T (DDS)

The Parallax Advisory Group provides three tiers of service.

The Parallax Report

The report that forecasted every major market and social event of the last 15 years, the Parallax Report is our entry-level service.

A monthly economic, market, financial and social forecasting service geared toward individual and institutional investors, seeking an alternative, sometimes contrarian viewpoint for their investment portfolios and businesses. This is a monthly big-picture view of global markets, geopolitics and social change for those seeking to be ahead of tomorrows news.

Subscribers from around the world, receive this report on the second Friday of every month for which they are billed monthly via our online portal, covered by our special “Ubuntu Guarantee.”

Learn more at:

Private Coaching Service

The Parallax Private Coaching Service is a comprehensive, business, asset, lifestyle and strategic advisory and coaching service for established entrepreneurs, investors and high-net-worth individuals.

We work one-on-one with individuals on a referral-basis only.

No jargon, jingoism, ass-pats or “kumbaya.”

This service is for IMPLEMENTORS ONLY.
If we were recommended or suggested to you by a current or former client, the chances are that we would get along just great. Use this page to contact us privately.

Email Alastair directly at for inquiries (please include how you heard about this service).

Parallax Asset Management*

A private asset management service for high-net-worth individuals.

By arrangement only.