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, basic subscribers receive a full multi-page report  via email. Premium Members receive that, PLUS interim reports, trade alerts, recession-watch updates and more. (See our pricing page for those details). Our bedrock monthly report for all subscribers, includes the following;

1) A macro review of global issues. Emerging trends give us a chance to improve our analysis and insight in real-time. It might be a review of the Brexit vote and why that foretold Trumps election (July 2016), a Machiavellian type review of the pending conflict between North Korea and the United States (July 2017) or sounding a warning for a historic mania peak like Bitcoin, 8 days before its all-time high (December 2017).

2) An update on current positions and recommendations. Years ago, a mentor of mine taught me a powerful lesson, when he told me that “all progress begins with telling the truth.” It is my fundamental operating principle. I own what I say, both right and wrong. I EAT MY OWN COOKING. This section is my monthly report card, where I actively seek out and share our successes, as well as my failures and mistakes, as soon as they are revealed to me. As my private coaching clients have heard me say a million times; I don’t want to be wrong one minute more than I have to be.

3) New opportunities. Where the initial macro view helps us improve our analysis, and the position update keeps us honest, the latter part of the monthly report is where we uncover new ideas and opportunities around the world. These can take the form of either selling current, or buying new holdings, or my monthly “radar report” section on areas I am watching for future potential. There is always an opportunity somewhere.


Private Coaching Group


Your body, your relationships, your mind and your money; everything has a future.

Nothing in the universe is stagnant. Nothing is “fine.”

Everything in the universe is trending.

The only question is “what direction are your futures trending?”

The Parallax Private Coaching Service is built on the premise that if we reach out into those futures, and pull the best and worst of them into this moment, we can fundamentally alter the trajectory of the things that matter most to us.

We call these, The Four Futures” (TM).

Guided by someone that has navigated the greatest inflation in history (Zimbabwe 1998-2003), profited from the largest asset deflation on earth (2007-2009), survived lightening strikes, Hippo attacks (3 times), leopard charges, hunted man-eating hyenas, held at gun-point at an obscure third-world border crossing, and built three separate million-dollar businesses in three different industries, this service has a context and philosophy no other will match.

For personally-referred applicants only.

Referrals from current or past clients, might be via their podcasts, masterminds or personal recommendation.

Why by recommendation only?

Gunners surround themselves with other gunners.

Doers do, watchers watch.

Contact us at (please mention how you heard about this service).

Parallax Asset Management


A separately-managed account solution (SMA), for high-net-worth individuals and families. This service is built around capitalizing on the actionable insights shared in The Parallax Report with significant added complexity for experienced investors.

See The Parallax Report’s “Track Record” section for a modest snapshot of some of the calls and trades made over the last 14 years.

E-mail to learn more.

Not currently accepting new clients.*


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WHEN CONSIDERING ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS, INCLUDING HEDGE FUNDS, YOU SHOULD CONSIDER VARIOUS RISKS INCLUDING THE FACT THAT SOME PRODUCTS: OFTEN ENGAGE IN LEVERAGING AND OTHER SPECULATIVE INVESTMENT PRACTICES THAT MAY INCREASE THE RISK OF INVESTMENT LOSS, CAN BE ILLIQUID, ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PROVIDE PERIODIC PRICING OR VALUATION INFORMATION TO INVESTORS, MAY INVOLVE COMPLEX TAX STRUCTURES AND DELAYS IN DISTRIBUTING IMPORTANT TAX INFORMATION, ARE NOT SUBJECT TO THE SAME REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS AS MUTUAL FUNDS, OFTEN CHARGE HIGH FEES, AND IN MANY CASES THE UNDERLYING INVESTMENTS ARE NOT TRANSPARENT AND ARE KNOWN ONLY TO THE INVESTMENT MANAGER. Alternative investment performance can be volatile. An investor could lose all or a substantial amount of his or her investment. 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